July 8, 2008

4th of July

Some members of my family have been waiting for me to post our 4th of July pictures. Many of them are on a different camera that I haven't loaded onto the computer yet.
Here are some random pictures of some of us at the lake over the holiday weekend.

Fishing off the pier is a favorite thing to do...young and old, boys and girls.
Here is Ryan, Devon, and Tyler.

Devon's big catch.....others got some big ones too...they will be posted later.
Ryan pitched his tent and had the boys sleep in the tent after fireworks on the 4th. This is the next morning eating breakfast.

The girls.....this is actually sunday after Drew's blessing. Those pictures will be posted soon.
Chelsea, Lauren, Brooke and Natalie.

The tent!

After breakfast the boys fished off the pier while Dean and Ryan watched.

Another catch for Devon....don't worry Carter your catch will be posted soon! See Debbie's blog.

Always a boat full.

Baby Drew still sleeps through all the festivities.

Our little firecracker!

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