May 3, 2009


We went to the zoo this weekend. Dayna had a continuing ed seminar so we all got in free and free parking. It was really nice cause we got in one hour before the zoo opened so we walked around without any crowds and before it got too warm.
Opps....the photographer got a lot of sky...but not the babies in the strollers.
There is a new dinosaur exhibit (in the background). It is really cool
Brooke on her daddy's shoulders.
Brooke and Papa outside the monkey house.

Grandma (me) and Drew. He just wanted down and wanted to run around.

Randy took Drew on the Merry-Go-Round. I think he picked the smallest "creature" to ride on with Drew. Kinda funny!!

Debbie and Blake...loving every minute of it! (Ryan had drill this weekend...he wasn't with us).

Blake couldn't figure out what he was riding on at first.

We picked up Brian and Heather and Tyler and Natalie from their trip to Orlando, Florida. They had a great time!

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The Young's said...

Hi Joan. Thank you so much for the cute book and toothbrush you gave Brinley! It was so fun to get something like that in the mail! Thank you so much for thinking of us. I love looking at all of the blogs and keeping up to date with everyone. Looks like you had fun at the zoo! Thanks again!