July 7, 2009


Congratulations to Bruce on his graduation and getting his Orthodontic degree. We are so proud of him and grateful to Tiffany for all her support.

It was extra special to have Mom and Dad come with us to Louisville and have them a part of this special occasion and to visit Louisville where Dad graduated from 62 years ago and Mom served her mission. A very special city for them.

These were all the graduatng residents along with Dr. Eric Bednar (in the middle). He teaches at U of L orthodontic program (Elder Bednar's son)

Bruce's supporting cast.

This is their "old Kentucky home"

And their "new Illinois home"

Bruce having alittle fun with the little girl cousins, Brayden, Chelsea and Brooke.

And Brayden enjoying some fun with her older cousins, Devon and Carter.


Heather Strong said...

That is so awesome. What an amazing accomplishment.

Amelia Woods said...
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