May 25, 2010

Drew Turns Two

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Drew's second birthday. His actual birthday was May 1.
We had a fishing party for him at a local park. It had this great pier for fishing.

And a great park for big and little kids.

When Uncle Scott arrived.....all the kids want to see what kind of bait he brought.

Here's Brooke, Natalie and Ella showing off their worms.

Here is Devon showing off his first catch with Brooke helping him.
There was a big fish caught that day by little Tyler and Uncle Scott. But I didn't get it on my camera. I had to run home for the cupcakes. So someone needs to post it.

Here is Drew getting some help from his dad.

Debbie with Blake enjoying his cupcake.

Lisa, Ally, Ella and baby Chelsea.

Brooke enjoying the swings.

Lauren and Natalie on the tire swing.


And oh yes.....boys will be boys....Tyler showing Drew just how it's done.

Happy Birthday Drew....welcome to the Terrific Twos!!


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Heather said...

my son turned 2 on may 21st! I love browsing blogs. thanks for sharing