December 26, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas

This is what our Christmas Eve started out like.....freezing rain that covered the trees and sidewalks with ice. It was beautiful to look at....glistening everywhere! But not safe for walking.
(Warning: Lots of pictures)
Scott and Lisa prepared a wonderful dinner.

The girls (cousins) had so much fun playing dress-up together.

Uncle Scott provided the "entertainment for all the kids!

Most wanted to hold it or at least touch it!

This is what he brought.

First we did the Christmas Story from Luke.....and then our special visitor came.

Some wanted to sit on Santa's lap and some didn't.

Dallin's first Christmas!

Santa had a special helper for those that were just a little shy (afraid).

Christmas with the Snyders.

Blake likes to be just like his daddy....on the he has his very own.

Christmas with the Ames'

A child's's the best!

Brooke with her new baby brother, Dallin.

Modeling my new Hotsling with baby Dallin.

Christmas with the Wardell's (Bruce's family)

Chelsea and Brooke keeping busy before Christmas dinner.

Christmas with the Wardells (Brian's family). Do you think he was just alittle excited to get this Wii game?!

Tiffany's parents came for Christmas.

Natalie and Brooke playing.....

The whole gang....well those that fit into this picture. Some on the couch got cut off.

All the little girls in their matching Christmas pajamas. It's hard to not focus on the adults sitting on the couch that didn't want to be in the picture.

A visit with cousin Mike for special!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!


Heather Strong said...

Joan you are so cute with your grandkids. Blake looks like such a kid in those pictures! No longer a baby... I miss the Chicago Christmas parties!

Sarah H said...

It does look wonderful. You're so blessed to have so much family nearby.
Love your hotsling!
So glad baby Dallin is home.